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Science and research

Support Kew’s scientists to break new ground and inspire generations of young people to get to know plants better.
A scientist loading samples into a machine in the Jodrell Laboratory
Kew's Jodrell Laboratory plays a vital role in science and conservation projects.

The importance of Kew's science work

Kew is an international plant science research powerhouse. We employ 20 cross-departmental science teams with 220 scientific staff and over 60 PhD students.

Our scientific programmes are focused on understanding plants and conserving the world's plant life and habitats at risk. Plants are essential to life on earth. In a world where the sustainability of the planet’s rich biodiversity is becoming less certain, Kew’s science work is ever more critical.

Some examples of Kew's work include:

  • the discovery of over 70 new species of palm on the island of Madagascar.
  • taking part in a study that shows 20% of the world's plants species are at risk.
  • digitising the Herbarium specimen sheets; over eight million are stored at Kew.
  • carrying out work in over 80 countries; deserts, rainforests and tundra are all visited.
  • investigating the DNA of plants.

How your donation can make a difference

By giving a donation today you can help Kew discover more about plants and inspire new generations to get to know plants better.

Your gift can help Kew:

  • use our world-leading expertise and knowledge of plant diversity to help tackle present challenges such as climate change and environmental sustainability.
  • protect endangered plants and habitats in the UK and internationally.
  • discover new and sustainable uses for plants and support local communities around the world adapt to our changing climate.
  • inspire a passion for plants in children and young people. We are committed to nurturing a future generation of scientists both impassioned and able to tackle the real world challenges posed by environmental change.

Introducing the Kew Fund

The Kew Fund is an annual fundraising campaign that pools the collective force of thousands of individuals to make a big impact with their contributions at Kew.

Through the Kew Fund, we ask members and supporters to make a contribution to support our extraordinary institution. Kew relies on a mix of funding including philanthropy, government grants from Defra, as well as memberships, gate receipts and other earned income. Kew’s annual budget is around £50 million, of which almost 50 per cent is provided by non-government sources.

Every contribution, no matter what size, makes a difference to Kew. You can make a regular gift by Direct Debit, or give by credit/debit card online, or download a form to post. We’ll keep you in touch with how your support is helping Kew.