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Remember someone

  • commemorate bench
    Commemorative benches A unique way to commemorate the life of a loved one or to celebrate a special event
  • Sponsor a tree
    Sponsor a tree Sponsor an individual tree or woodland area at Kew Gardens or Wakehurst
  • Bulb display
    Sponsor a bulb display Celebrate the life of a loved one or remember a special anniversary by sponsoring one of our spectacular bulb displays
  • botanical art
    Sponsor a book or illustration Dedicate a book or illustration from one of the most important botanical reference sources in the world

We offer some wonderful ways for you to commemorate a life or celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or special event. Your donation will help Kew and Wakehurst continue our work.

Our Gardens hold a special place in the hearts of many people, evoking memories of happy times shared with loved ones.

You can choose from sponsoring a display of flowering bulbs, a library book, an item of botanic art, or dedicating a heritage tree, woodland area or one of our popular benches.

For further information:

See all our commemorative gifts below.

Kew Gardens

Kew's Heritage Trees For over five years, Masumi Yamanaka has been creating her unique collection 'Kew's Heritage Trees'. Each piece depicts one of Kew’s most significant trees and epitomises the living collections here...
Books in the Kew Library
Kew's Library, Art & Archives is one of the most important botanical reference sources in the world. This extensive collection contains more than seven and a half million items, including books, illustrations,...


Emmenopterys henryi leaves at Wakehurst
Introducing Wakehurst's trees Sponsoring an individual tree is a unique way to remember a special anniversary, celebrate a family event or commemorate the life of a loved one. Our range of trees start at £5,000, with...
Photo of Horsebridge Wood
At Horsebridge Wood, visitors can wander among trees from the six of the seven North American forest provinces, which are group according to the climate and dominant tree types. A unique collection The collection of...