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Millennium Seed Bank Partnership and conservation

Help Kew save the world’s plant life and habitats at risk of extinction and support our work helping to combat climate change by making your donation today.
Breathing Planet Seed Close up
Image from Seeds - Time Capsules of Life by Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy

Plants at risk

Each day the world’s plants are more and more at risk from threats such as climate change, deforestation, over-exploitation and pollution. If we continue on our current path, we will lose a species a day for the next 50 years.

By making a donation to Kew today, you can support one of the largest and most ambitious conservation projects in the world, the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership.

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership provides a global insurance policy for one in ten of the world’s wild plants. We aim to collect and store more than one billion seeds. The seeds we save include the rarest, most threatened and most useful species known to man.

Next phase

Following the celebration to mark the collection of seeds from 10% of the world’s plant species, we embarked on the next phase of hard work for the Millennium Seed Bank. In addition to rolling out the new collection programme to safeguard one in four of the world’s plant species by 2020, a key part of our work has been to develop strategies to better use the collection.

Through the work of the last decade, the Millennium Seed Bank has become an extraordinary global repository of seed material, data and knowledge, which is quickly becoming essential in helping to tackle problems such as food security, biodiversity loss and habitat degradation. It is for these reasons that we have an urgent need to make sure that the collections and expertise housed at the Millennium Seed Bank is made available to research institutions, conservation organisations and development agencies to help solve such problems.

Recent work includes:

  • Helping organic cotton growers in Mali. The MSB helped select appropriate natural pesticide plant species, which increased the farmers' yields.
  • Saving UK habitats. Collecting 17 species of Weald native wildflower seed and using this to produce 7,000 plants in the restoration of the wash land meadows.
  • Supporting communities in Ghana. Cultivating plants that are essential for nutrition and health, with 4,000 seedlings raised.

Your donation can help Kew save the world’s plant life

By giving a donation today you can help Kew to harness our knowledge of the earth’s plant diversity and tackle our global environmental challenges. No other botanical organisation is so well positioned to deliver global conservation projects on the ground.

Your gift can help us:

  • secure the future of our natural environment through the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership
  • restore endangered habitats around the world and save plants at risk from extinction
  • share our expertise to help governments, people and communities across the world adapt to our changing environment and climate
  • work with children and young people to inspire a future generation of conservationists able to tackle environmental challenges in an increasingly fragile world

Introducing the Kew Fund

The Kew Fund is an annual fundraising campaign that pools the collective force of thousands of individuals to make a big impact with their contributions at Kew.

Through the Kew Fund, we ask members and supporters to make a contribution to support our extraordinary institution. Kew relies on a mix of funding including philanthropy, government grants from Defra, as well as memberships, gate receipts and other earned income. Kew’s annual budget is around £50 million, of which almost 50 per cent is provided by non-government sources.

Every contribution, no matter what size, makes a difference to Kew. You can make a regular gift by Direct Debit, or give by credit/debit card online, or download a form to post. We’ll keep you in touch with how your support is helping Kew.

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