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Plants, Horticulture and Gardens at Kew

Help us look after our world-class botanic gardens and horticulture. Inspire future generations to find out more about the importance of plants for life.
Exterior of Kew's Temperate House
Kew's biggest public glasshouse is the Temperate House, currently undergoing a full restoration.

Extraordinary collection

Kew’s unrivalled collection consists of 40,000 living plants across 800 acres at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst. We have examples of one in eight of all the world’s flowering plants. This extraordinary collection provides a reference source which serves all aspects of botanical and horticultural science at Kew, as well as providing a beautiful destination for visitors. Most important of all, the collection and the horticultural skills that care for them, are a resource for the conservation of plant diversity, habitat restoration and species reintroduction.

Photo of Palm house in Summer

Your donation to Kew Fund’s Plants, Horticulture and Gardens appeal will help us:

  • keep the 326 acres of Gardens looking amazing for Kew’s 1.35 million visitors a year, with 200 horticulture staff supported by volunteers.
  • maintain Kew’s three behind the scene nurseries (Tropical Nursery, the Melon Yard and Arboretum) which propagate plants for research, the public glasshouses in the Gardens and other institutions. They act as a living library of plants for scientists and provide a living gene bank of rare and endangered species.
  • care for the world’s largest collection of orchids – an amazing 3,000 species and 8,000 individual plants. The pick of the collection is displayed in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.
  • tend one of the oldest glasshouse plants in the world, the Eastern cape giant cycad (Encephalartos altensteinii), in the Palm House. This South African cycad arrived at Kew in 1775 and is still going strong!

How your donation can make a difference

By giving a donation today you can help us look after our stunning gardens for future generations to experience and enjoy. Your gift will help us:

  • inspire hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with a passion for plants and the natural world.
  • support our world-class team of horticulturalists and help them keep our 300 acres of garden and 14,000 trees healthy and happy.
  • look after and conserve our magnificent glasshouses now, and for the future. These buildings recreate the conditions of habitats found around the world and show-off the awesome variety of plants on Earth.
  • support our gardens at Wakehurst. This magnificent estate provides a cooler, moister environment increasing the range of plants we can cultivate.

Introducing the Kew Fund

The Kew Fund is an annual fundraising campaign that pools the collective force of thousands of individuals to make a big impact with their contributions at Kew.

Through the Kew Fund, we ask members and supporters to make a contribution to support our extraordinary institution. Kew relies on a mix of funding including philanthropy, government grants from Defra, as well as memberships, gate receipts and other earned income. Kew’s annual budget is around £50 million, of which almost 50 per cent is provided by non-government sources.

Every contribution, no matter what size, makes a difference to Kew. You can make a regular gift by Direct Debit, or give by credit/debit card online, or download a form to post. We’ll keep you in touch with how your support is helping Kew.