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  • Legumes of the world
    Legumes of the World Online Research one of the most economically important plant families online with Kew's LOWO database
  • Daniellia thurifera
    Daniellia thurifera Photographed by Xander van der Burgt in Sierra Leone
  • LOWO - Calliandra harissii
    Calliandra harissii Photographed by Domingos Cardoso in Brazil

Legumes of the world

Legumes of the World Online (LOWO) is part of Kew’s commitment to advance the knowledge and understanding of the approximately 750 genera of the legume family.

LOWO is based on the book Legumes of the World, published by Kew in 2005 and which has been transformed into a web resource offering expanded and updated information about legume genera. The Legume Research Team at Kew manages and updates LOWO through collaboration with an international community of legume systematic botanists.

Users of LOWO can browse and search for information about legume genera through the traditional subfamily-tribe-genus hierarchy or in a modern phylogeny-based classification.

Legumes of the World: the book

In July 2005, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew published Legumes of the World, a book containing an encyclopaedic overview of the current knowledge of the 727 genera then recognised in the Leguminose (Fabaceae) family. This was the first fully-illustrated account of all legume genera.

Legumes of the World was edited by four members of Kew's Herbarium legume research staff: Gwilym Lewis, Brian Schrire, Barbara Mackinder and Mike Lock (Brian and Mike have since retired). 20 legume specialists from 14 institutions in six countries contributed to the 36 chapters in the book.


Soon to be available as an e-book.

Chaetocalyx longiloba

Chaetocalyx longiloba
Chaetocalyx longiloba, Photographed by G.P Lewis in Brazil

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