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Science departments

Kew's Science Directorate comprises six scientific research departments supported by the Office of the Science Directorate and Kew Consultancy Services: 


Identification and Naming

Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology

Conservation Science

Natural Capital and Plant Health                     

Biodiversity Informatics and Spatial Analysis             

Office of the Science Directorate

Kew Consultancy Services

Kew’s scientific work spans 110 countries (shaded green) and involves over 400 collaborating institutions worldwide (red dots)

Kew is a global resource for plant and fungal knowledge

We have the capacity to use this knowledge to provide science-based solutions to address some of the critical challenges facing life on Earth. 

Our collections-based research includes comparative studies of living and preserved collections in an evolutionary context, enabling the identification of new species, evaluation of conservation status, predictive assessments of the impacts of global change on genes, species, populations and communities, and assessments of natural capital and plant health. We also undertake rigorous, evidence-based research to improve the global outlook for biodiversity through conservation policy, education and management.

Kew has an extensive international network of individual partners and consortia. Our scientific activities and collaborations span 110 countries worldwide.