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Strategic Priority 3

To disseminate our scientific knowledge of plants and fungi, maximising its impact in science, education, conservation policy and management.

Kew’s science has global reach and relevance. To ensure that we have maximum impact in key areas of science, education, conservation policy and natural resource management, we need to ensure effective dissemination of our knowledge and communication of our global science and conservation work. A further challenge is to enhance our education and training and to build capacity in the core skills of biodiversity science. We aim to provide a consistent, informative, progressive and engaging message about Kew’s scientific research and collections and their relevance to policy, management of natural capital and, most importantly, to people’s lives. We will achieve this through the development and delivery of the following strategic outputs by 2020:

  • Plants of the World Online Portal
  • State of the World’s Plants
  • Tropical Important Plant Areas
  • The Plant and Fungal Trees of Life
  • Banking the World’s Seeds
  • Useful Plants and Fungi Portal
  • Digitising the Collections
  • Training the Next Generation of Plant and Fungal Scientists
  • Science in the Gardens