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Strategic Priority 2

To curate and provide data-rich evidence from Kew’s unrivalled collections as a global asset for scientific research.
Photo of a bag of alder seeds

Kew has an unrivalled wealth of scientific collections of plants and fungi, greatly enhanced by the living collections in the gardens and glasshouses and by the extensive library, art collections and archives. Our collections, combined with the expertise of our scientists, provide data-rich evidence for addressing the key scientific questions in plant and fungal science. Well managed, well curated and widely accessible collections are therefore crucial to the success of our science programme and are a global resource for science, policy and conservation. 

We will explore, extract and better link the extensive information held in all our collections and databases to provide a data-rich resource for scientific investigation into our priority questions and for the use of the global scientific community. This will lead to robust and reliable scientific evidence to inform UK and global policy and management.