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State of the World's Plants

The State of the World's Plants will provide an annual cutting-edge horizon scan of the status of the plant kingdom.

To be launched in December 2015, Kew’s State of the World’s Plants report and symposium will be an annual overview of the global status of the plant kingdom. In this important new initiative, Kew scientists will combine their extensive knowledge and expertise in a definitive, hard-hitting evaluation of the status of plants – the foundation of the world’s ecosystems. Which species are threatened and is their conservation status changing? Which invasive species are most problematic? Where is native vegetation threatened and what are the major drivers of change? What policies and management interventions are proving effective? Which plant communities and species show resilience to environmental change? What is the status of plant genetic resources? What crop wild relatives are most promising for use in breeding programmes? Where are the emerging threats to plant health? In addition to providing new evidence and perspectives on a range of key issues, the report will act as an important horizon-scanning exercise to identify strategic research and policy priorities to be pursued both in the UK and overseas.