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Links policy

Asking Kew to link to you

Before you email us requesting a link swap, please note that we prefer to include links with organisations whose aims and activities are similar to our own, for example:

  • other botanic gardens, arboreta, or plant collections
  • our partners and collaborators on research projects
  • non-commercial organisations engaged in promoting or researching topics in which we have similar research interests

We do not link to the websites of commercial organisations, such as seed or plant catalogues, garden centres and so on, unless we have a commercial relationship with that company. We do not accept advertising on the site nor do we charge a fee for including a link on our website. We do not link to websites, however enthusiastic they may be, which carry photographs of our amenity, whether these sites are commercial or otherwise.

We accept graphical links (ie logos) only under special circumstances and we insist that these are supplied by their owners in a pre-agreed size, weight and format, with written permission for their use.

If we accept your request, your link will appear on a page containing information or other material of relevance to the content of your site, so that it is of more interest to the end user. For example, if your website consists of a database of seed information, we'd include a link to your site somewhere on the seed area of ours.